Small ice cream shop on the side of the road close to the Sea Port. Hot fudge sundaes didn't disappoint! The sunset was beautiful too. Local kids staffing the counter were polite, friendly and kept the line moving.
Proud Mom
Amazing ice cream and friendly service
Kellyf Fayad
Great location and service!
DcC0wb0ys21 Dallas*55
Very delicious ice cream after a long day at the mystic seaport.
Gail Van Eeuwen
Galyna Shulimova
My kids and I spent a great time here.
Becky Beanblossom
Fun place to sit and have lobster rolls and ice cream.
J.C. Small
Amazing soft serve ice cream (much better than the chains).
Sharon Lebarnes
Great place to have ice cream and watch the sunset.
Lasander Williams
Nice little spot for a treat.
Wesley Hilyard
This ice cream place was great!!
Jordan Christian
Can’t beat an ice cream cone with a view.
James Ressler
Great location, good ice cream.
Luscious ice cream, lots of choices and combinations for toppings and accompaniments , friendly service, lines moved quickly. Great outdoor seating, beautiful view. Family friendly. Parking is tight.
Tricia B.
Twisters is adjacent to Sea View Snack Bar. Each has their own parking lot, but they share a picnic area between them. The menu is a little chaotic to read, so if you're pondering let someone else go in front of you. They have soft serve and hard ice cream - the hard is smooth and creamy, much better then anything you can pull out of a freezer. It's a good end to your seafood meal from Sea View!
Andrea King
Excellent ice cream on sugar cones to cap the evening. We stopped here on a whim. The choices were great. The portion sizes are huge! The servers are sweet. Definitely a pop in place to get your ice cream fix! Great for kids & adults alike. Very budget friendly.
Brianna Bailey
Delicious local soft serve with fun options! And beautiful views for a fun family outing or date night!
Franny A.
The best of the best! I'm obsessed with soft serve these days and this is true Americana and cheap!!! Are: Twist with fudge and whipped cream Chocolate with fudge and whipped cream Both 3.75 each The freshness of the dairy balanced by the fudge- orgasmic. I must say the twist was slightly more complex but this is American dummer in a cup and very needed these days!
Tessie Arce Sexton
we were so excited to drive out to Mystic CT. to hit up some of out favorite places. but we were shocked when we were ordering. they have no soft serve Vanilla icecream nor they hard icecream. we got there and it wasn't even 3pm yet. the servings were very skimpy too. waffle bowl didn't even have a full scoop of ice. we were a bit disappointed. I hope next time we come it will be better
Kelly Stine
We are from Central PA and we rolled into town and decided ice cream for dinner was well deserved after our long day of travel. We are so glad our Google search took us to Twisters! Delicious treats, incredibly friendly staff and a view to boot!